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Project management tools are pretty new for the entertainment industry and in many other industries. Since the introduction of MS Project, many other companies have been creating other products with similar functionalities. Some have succeed, others have failed. On the Internet, we can find many free or license softwares for all type businesses and budgets. Most of them do not answer the need of a production company or postproduction facilities because major changes need to be made to the existing software or you need 3, 4 or 5 different products to start having the feeling of tracking your production. Lack of customization options is also a reason for not buying an off the shelf product.

We can divide the project management industry (for entertainment) in 4 main sectors:

1- Assets management Definition: Assets management is a tool to help studios manage their content, files & physical assets.

2- Project management: Definition: Project management mainly looks over time schedules & time tracking.

3- Client management: Definition: Client management looks over client demands and changes.

4- Social Networking: Definition: Create networks and publish artists and company work & reels.

Assets management tools

Digital content

For Studios

Final Cut Server
Company name : Apple
Product description : Meet Final Cut Server, media asset management and workflow automation software designed for the unique needs of film and video professionals.

Company name : Avid
Product description : Alienbrain is a digital asset management system for artists in the entertainment industry. It combines everything studios need to securely store, version, manage and share any kind of file, with an intuitive user interface that lets artists work visually.

Orphea Studio DAM
Company name : Algoba
Product description : Designed to operate on Oracle®, Orphea Studio DAM (Digital Asset Management) is a complete solution for the management and cataloguing of multimedia documents. Orphea DAM is an answer to the full range of needs represented by enterprises who must professionally manage multimedia databases: cataloguing of digital files, indexation, publication on a Web interface, document searching, retrieval of hi-resolution documents, and the handling of requests for these documents online or otherwise.

Media Beacon Entertprise DAM
Company name : Media Beacon
Product description : MediaBeacon, Inc. specializes in web-based Digital Asset Management solutions for global corporations. It allows you, your affiliates and 3rd parties to add intelligence to digital content with barely any changes to existing enterprise IT architecture and current workflows. We believe that zero impact is crucial for your success. MediaBeacon products enable users around the world to find, update, convert, track, re-use and securely distribute digital assets without relearning how to do their daily work.

Deep Freeze
Company name : Pixel Nation
Product description : Digital asset management saves both time and money. Research indicates that the ROI of DAM is from 8:1 to 14:1. Where do the savings come from? Through labor reduction, re-purposing, and workflow efficiency. DAM allows employees to spend less time locating assets and more time working on current projects. With the ability to find and research existing work, employees can reuse the valuable creative assets from previous projects. Taking advantage of work performed on prior projects reduces turnaround time. And DAMs enforcement of a consistent workflow contributes positively in workflow efficiency.

Clear Story DAM
Company name : Clear Story Systems
Product description : From creation to delivery, the ClearStory digital asset management suite powers the digital media supply chain. Our DAM system helps companies get more value from, and even monetize, their digital media and marketing assets.  Hosted or installed, ClearStory will keep your digital media project on track, on budget, and on time.

D3 System (aka DAX)
Company name : Sample Digital
Product description : Sample Digital supplies the majority of the entertainment industry with highly secure, web-based digital production workflow and Digital Dailies® set top box solutions. These services are designed to maximize efficiencies throughout the content creation, staging, approval and distribution process. Now, two separate solutions have been rolled into one, fully-integrated system designed to unify all assets and distribute them where and when they are needed – reliably and securely.

North Plains
Product description : TeleScope™ Enterprise is North Plains’ flagship product and is the industry’s most advanced, feature-rich, scalable digital asset management solution for rich media management & distribution, centralization, workflow optimization, and virtual collaboration. TeleScope Enterprise supports the most demanding, complex, workflow-intensive environments over multiple lines of business whose reach extends across dispersed geographies and business centers. The solution is easy to use and supports all classes of users from the high-end creative designer to traveling sales staff who simply require access to download information.

Content Share 2
Company name : Thompson Grass Valley
Product description : Our ContentShare2 solution is built around an intelligent workflow engine designed for the media industry—and an infrastructure that interfaces with legacy and third-party systems as business applications. It features a task-based interface as well as powerful tools to manage and monitor your operations, automate your processes, and report the results in real time. It also includes our Shield content-security module to ensure the proper use of your assets.

Company name : Gridiron Software
Product description : low is the world’s first Visual Workflow Manager, built from the ground up to keep creative professionals streamlined and informed. Flow gives you a total understanding of your project, visually and intuitively. In one simple interface, you’ll see all your project files, how they’re related to each other, and where they’re located—on a local drive, on a network volume, even on a DVD you burned a few months ago.

M2 Media Manager
Company name : IMC Technologies
Product description : M2 Media Manager is IMC’s core application for media browsing and clip logging, an advanced, codec-independent, Windows-based application that allows immediate access to all media, located either on local or central storage, without the need for file transfers.

Avid Interplay
Company name : AVID software
Product description : Seamlessly integrated production asset management system
* Save time with swift, secure access to your media
* Manage a lot more than OMF and MXF media
* Get the right resolution. Right away.
* Design a solution that works the way you work

Company name : Dux Software
Product description : DUX Soft Pvt. Ltd. is a unique company created to address the growing needs and demands of the Animation, Gaming & VFX industry. Dux brings to market over 14 years of experience in setting up from scratch and managing the IT infrastructure of major Animation & VFX studios.

ADR Manager & Session Hub (Audio Postproduction)
Company name : Slanecon Digital
Product description : ADR Manager is a comprehensive database system used by professionals around the world to track Automated Dialogue Replacement cues for film and television. It makes keeping control of the ADR chaos easy. Session Hub works alongside Pro Tools to remember all of your sessions, keeping track of what’s been done and letting you know what work is still needed. So you spend time being creative, rather than spend time organizing your work.

Company name : SouthPaw Technology
Product description : Create Order Out Of Chaos For Your Creative Team.  Keep your artists engaged and focused on producing their best creative work. Artist check-in and check-out tools integrated with the hottest software …Maya® XSI® Houdini Flash Qube!

Company name : Tek 2 Shoot
Product description : Make your production time and workflow easy to manage… Stock your metadata and images at the place you decide… Make your production pipeline not longer a dream!FOAM Player FOAM helps you all along your project from audit to analysis and production set up. It helps you to concentrate on primary work: Create.

For Broadcasters

Artesia DAM
Company name : Open Text
Product description : As digitalization of broadcast media continues to progress, proprietary solutions are giving way to standard solutions that optimize:

* Integration and interfaces within larger digital media ecosystems
* Flexibility and speed of deployment to support rapidly evolving business needs
* Maintainability over successive generations of technology and business models
* Breadth of format support, and
* Overall system cost

Whether looking to preserve digital content within an archive and footage library, enhance post-production workflows, or streamline review, approval, and distribution processes, Open Text is a proven market leader. Influential broadcast and entertainment media companies like Discovery Networks, BBC, and Paramount depend on Open Text’s Digital Asset Management solution to produce and distribute their digital content.

Company name : Dalet Digital Media Systems
Product description : Despite the rapid advances in Information Technologies (IT), video compression and desktop processing power, most digital solutions for television available today are based on dated designs and cumbersome architectures. Scripting, video editing and browse applications use separate databases, user interfaces and administration modules. Maintenance is difficult and expensive. Automation systems do an adequate job handling ingest and play-out, but do little to reduce the manual operations in between. Valuable metadata, vital in fully leveraging the benefits of digital production, is lost or simply not captured, requiring expensive and time-consuming manual data entry to compensate. The net result is islands of old-school technology hampered by forced workarounds.

ITX / OPUS / Colossus
Company name : Omnibus
Product description : OmniBus Colossus is the market-leading multi-channel automation system, providing a robust and scalable solution to broadcasters across the globe. This full-featured automated transmission product incorporates schedule management, event building and transitions, timeline monitoring, live-event management and cache management.

IBMS / MediaPro
Company name : Pilat Media
Product description : IBMS, is the industry’s most comprehensive, functionally rich, robust and scalable software system for enterprise-wide management of broadcasting and airtime sales operations. It is a modular but seamlessly integrated system, utilising a single Oracle database and a cross function workflow engine. Customers who choose to initially implement certain modules can later expand their use of IBMS by simply licensing additional modules. IBMS is used by broadcast networks, station groups, cable networks, satellite operators and Telcos all over the world, helping them to generate billions of dollars in advertising revenue and programming for hundreds of millions of viewers.

Security & backup

Adam System
Company name : Actavec software
Product description : ADAM Systems entertainment solutions are especially geared to the unique requirements of digital video management, along with other rich media. ADAM Systems software is integrated with third party hardware and software solutions for video processing, manipulation, search and distribution, as well as automated asset management and preservation.

Blue Order
Company name : Actavec software
Product description : Media Archive – manages your content. If you are dealing with many different types of media content, such as video, film, sound bites and graphics, there is a good chance that your business is looking for you to become more productive when using this content and to find ways to reuse this content to add revenue to the bottom line. Media Archive, Blue Order’s enterprise media asset management platform, can help you achieve this by automating routine tasks, enabling your team to work collaboratively and opening up new distribution channels to market.


Temerity Pipeline
Company name : Temerity software
Product description : Temerity Pipeline is the industry’s first complete production control application.  Designed for studios in the film, television and game industries, Pipeline provides seamless control over assets, revisions, archiving and job handling.  Entire studio production pipelines are managed through one environment allowing the studio to focus artists time on generating content rather than wrangling the production process.

Gridlron Flow
Company name : Gridlron Software
Product description : See all your project files, how they’re related to each other, and where they’re located on a local drive, network volume.

Company name :
Product description : Render farm management system

Q10 Task Server
Company name : IMC Technologies
Product description : Q10 Task Server regulates exponential processing power for the automation of time-consuming but vital tasks in all phases of post-production. Whether its batch digitizing, batch encoding, batch rendering or exporting sequences for final delivery, Q10 Task Server lets you incorporate and manage all available CPU and hardware power connected to the network for faster performance and service.

Company name : PipelineFX
Product description : Qube! is the ultimate render farm management system for the film and video game industries. Ideal for rendering and build processing alike, Qube! has demonstrated time and again that it can improve productivity and increase content quality while optimizing hardware resources. Qube! is the right choice for studios that depend on software innovation to keep pace with the growing complexities and decreasing schedules of today’s productions. Combining state-of-the-art techniques for batch queuing, distributed processing and render farm management, Qube! maximizes job throughput and accelerates the millions of computational tasks that occur during the graphics rendering and software build processes.

Projects management tools

Budgeting, Breakdown & Scheduling

Company name : Celtx
Product description : Celtx is the world’s first all-in-one media pre-production software. It has everything you need to take your story from concept to production. Celtx replaces ‘paper, pen & binder’ pre-production with a digital approach that’s more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share.

The Director’s notebook
Company name : The Directors Notebook
Product description : Directors NoteBook software is a digital “project notebook” for television commercial directors that organizes all the information you need access to during pre-production, production, and post. It’s like having a production assistant at your beck and call 24 hours a day to help you manage your projects and save time. From imported storyboard images, efx plate images, location and set photos, casting specs, agency and client contact info, to all shot-specific details like action, camera directions, lenses and frame rates, screen time, blocking, and script, Directors NoteBook helps you gather and organize all the information you need.

Company name : OnSet Software
Product description : Castology is a multi-purpose scheduler/manager for handling the casting process for plays, movies, television, and still photo shoots.  It is useful for both independent productions doing their own casting, and as a full featured scheduler for casting agents working on numerous projects simultaneously.  An Alpha version of Castology is currently available for testing at special alpha pricing. M3s is a full range management database designed for handling all the details of a feature film, tv movie, or television series.  It is useful from early pre-production all the way through post-production.  Break down scripts, create shot lists, schedule, keep track of props, wardrobe and all other production items, link continuity reports with camera and sound reports, generate cast, crew, and vendor lists, and look at your data in more ways than you can imagine. (Currently in Public Beta Testing phase.  Contact Us if you would like to be a beta tester.)
Equipment Lister produces equipment lists and provides a database to help keep track of the various pieces of equipment rented and returned during a production.  Where it really shines is ‘taking it on the road.’  New airline weight restrictions have put a premium on the packing system, and EL not only allows you to create packing lists for every case, but provides you with total combined weights for each case.  Currently in early  testing phase.

Production Pro Budget
Company name : Set Management
Product description : ProductionPro Budget v1.4.5 represents the culmination of Set Management’s efforts to date. When we released Budget v1.0 in December 2002, we delivered a great product at a fair price and followed up with unwavering and knowledgeable support when our users needed help. Our growing team is one composed of industry professionals with long histories in the business of filmmaking, from management to financing, from budgeting to industry labor issues. We all invite you to download and use our latest release for thirty days.

Company name : Showbiz Software
Product description : Anyone who wants to breakdown a script and schedule need Showbiz Scheduling! Integrated, Industry-Standard Reports, Customizable reports including the call sheet, production report, shooting schedule, stripboard, exhibit “g”, and crew list are built right in, all linked directly to the schedule. Efficiently organize your project from first call to final wrap. “When you’re moving fast enough to shoot 12 pages in a 12 hour day, you need Showbiz Scheduling to free yourself up enough from the ever changing call sheets and schedules and keep up with the pace on set…Showbiz Scheduling is the new benchmark for entertainment industry scheduling software.

Sun Frog
Company name : SunFrog Scheduling
Product description : n/a

Casting management

Company name : XX
Company page :  XXX
Product page : XXX
Product description : XXXX
Product demo: n/a

Location management

Reel Scout
Company name : ReelScout
Product description : Developed specifically for the film offices, Reel-Scout™ is a project and client management system, fully integrated with a digital film library, driven by a web-based response system, and built for speed.  Unlike traditional network and desktop systems, Reel-Scout™ is an Internet-based, on-demand, highly-secure software suite that is accessible to its users any time — from the office, from home, or from anywhere else in the world.

Rentals management tools

Costume Vision
Company name : Vision Forecasting
Product description : Costume Vision is a dedicated costume store management software solution. It provides the complete POS solution for any type of costume rental store – tuxedo rental, fancy dress rental, theatre costume rental and formal wear hire stores can all benefit from the power of Costume Vision. The software features easy customer and rental stock management and streamlines all processes in the costume rental cycle including but not limited to reservations, customer account and deposit management, rental and return. Also included is a web page builder to aid the simple creation of your very own web site for your store.

ESC Rental
Company name : ESC Rental Software
Product description : ESC – Rental Software (or Rental and Point of sale software, hire software, inventory software) is the latest Windows rental software solution for any sized companies in the equipment rental market from the Rental Expert.

Sirius Pro
Company name : Orion Software
Product description : The Sirius line of products is a Windows–based rental and resource management application. It’s established as an industry leader in North America with its robust inventory control features, rental rating flexibility, multi-branch capabilities, ease of use and a proven track record of success.

Shots Tracker

VFX Showrunner
Company name : Tim Landry
Product description : Showrunner™ is a Filemaker-based VFX Production Management tool. It is intended to contain all the essential management tools you’ll need to ensure that your VFX production proceeds smoothly and that you have all the information about the current status of your show at your fingertips at all times.

Company name :
Product description : Cerebro is complete visual project management solution for feature film; television series and etc.

GDI Explorer
Company name : Cirque Digital
Product description : GDI|Explorer is a production proven, afforable and scalable system that provides digital entertainment projects with unprecedented organization, communication and workflow tools. GDI|Explorer is designed for creative individuals, workgroups collaborating on-site or via the internet as well as large studios operating worldwide.

Give Software
Company name :  Give Software LCC
Product description : Project Overlord is a client/server application designed to make studios more efficient by tracking assets and project data. Artists and Project Supervisors come together by way of an easy to use client user interface. View Videos

Company name :  Invisually Software
Product description : Invisually. The only web based VFX Shots database designed specifically for tracking all feature film and television projects, no matter what the size. From Independent features with 12 shots, to the largest multi-vendor blockbusters, Invisually is designed to be used flexibly by the entire VFX production team, by Producers, Editorial, and Facilities.

Company name :  Shotgun Software
Product description : Shotgun is a new take on “production tracking”, providing access to critical and dynamic project information to everyone working on a project.

Mathilda System
Company name :  Mathilda Software
Product description : Idagrove|filmeffects has put much effort into the development of a database system, which manages information, quotes and workflows within visual effects projects, increasing transparency and efficiency at every point in time. The mathilda system has been used on numerous VFX projects and has proven its efficiency.

Company name :  Cameron O’Rouke
Product description : ShotRunner provides project management, collaboration and tracking for all kinds of media projects: films, commercials, cartoons, Flash interactive sites, even PowerPoint presentations. It is an online web application that lets distributed production teams stay coordinated and productive.

VFX Nexus
Company name :  VFX Nexus, LLC
Product description : VFX Nexus is a web-based solution for visual effects studios of all sizes to collaborate and track their entire workflow.
* Accessible anywhere
* Unlimited projects, shots, tasks
* Granular user permissions
* Customized to your workflow
* Secure, fast and setup quickly
* Monthly subscription pricing

VFX Tracker
Company name :  handmade Digital
Product description : VFXTracker is a Plugin filter / application combination for tracking and exporting visual fx and optical clips.

Review & annotation tools

Company name :  IOWA Interactive
Product description : Wiredrive sets a new standard for online production and presentation, backed by a team of people who are redefining the landscape of digital workflow. We examine and streamline your entire process, from sales through the creative cycle to promotion. We even introduce new concepts you may have never considered. The end result – you spend less time frustrated with old tools and more time doing what you do best: creating.

Company name :  Rising Sun Research
Product description : cineSync is a remote review and approval tool based on Apple ® QuickTime technology. By synchronising the timeline and playback of movies, you can quickly and efficiently view your work at the same time with anyone anywhere in the world.

Company name :  Cozimo
Product description : Dites ‘au revoir’ à la planification de réunions, aux embouteillages et aux attentes dans des salles de réunion. Avec Cozimo vous pouvez collaborer et passer en revue des images et vidéos — ensemble en temps réel, ou bien en votre temps.

Production Kit
Company name :  Missing Link Software Solutions GmbH
Product description : Missing Link Software Solutions GmbH processes and distributes the web-based project management and controlling software “Production Kit”. The software is particularly suitable for the production of * 2D/3D animated films  * 2D/3D TV series  * Visual Effects projects

Mogul VFX
Company name :  Imagineer Systems
Product description : A platform conceived through customer dialogue, and designed and developed by Imagineer Systems. mogul is an open collaborative VFX platform upon which a suite of tightly integrated, modular VFX applications have been developed to create an entirely new workflow.

Company name : Octopz
Product description : Octopz allows you to work collaboratively on an unprecedented range of document types that includes static content (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and images such as jpgs) and rich digital media, such as videos, audio, animations, Flash files, and 360º panoramas.

Creation Flow
Company name : CreationFlow S.A.
Product description : CreationFlow is a collaboration and project management software. CreationFlow specializes in graphic, visual design and advertising projects. The goal is to help each team member to find out the tasks he or she has to do or review and manage the review workflow between designers, bosses and clients.


ACTAVEC Software Solutions
Company name : Actavec software
Product description : Schedule your rooms, employees and other resources and have a simple solution to generate quotes, invoices and reports at the same time, all from within Job Designer, our award winning scheduling software.

The Reel Production Calendar
Company name : Reel Logix
Product description : The Reel Production Calendar™ was specifically designed and is ideal for managing Prep, Production and Post for Film, Television and Commercial productions.


Company name : Activa Multimedia
Product description : With PROA, Activa Multimèdia offers TV broadcasters and independent production companies the ideal solution for meeting production management needs.

Orphea Studio RIM
Company name : Algoba
Product description : Orphea Studio RIM (Royalty/Invoice Management) is a commercial management tool that’s specially designed for organizations that need to manage multimedia business and the royalties associated with it. Orphea RIM can function as a stand-alone program, or in perfect harmony with Orphea Studio DAM. Orphea RIM is particularly adapted to handle the flow of orders that are generated online with Orphea Web Server. As a stand-alone program, Orphea RIM is available from the compact One Edition to the complete Enterprise Edition. The complete edition includes an integrated EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) module which allows for the exchange of data with other information systems.

Company name : 37 Signals
Product description : For years project management software was about charts, graphs, and stats. And you know what? It didn’t work. Pictures and numbers don’t get projects done. Basecamp tackles project management from an entirely different angle: A focus on communication and collaboration. Basecamp brings people together.

Ceiton Web Workflow PPS
Company name :  Ceiton Technologies
Product description : The completely web based CEITON Workflow system is unique in its capability to model not only simple service processes, but also complex and dynamic production processes. Hence its name: Web Workflow PPS, where PPS is an abbreviation for production planning and controlling systems, a term derived from classical, function-based software systems. Thus the system not only supports individual functions, like order and inventory management, planning or machine control, but also integrates all these functions into a coherent process – from beginning to end. In addition, the CEITON Workflow system is the only real Workflow Management system for the media industry.

Cinehub VPO
Company name :  Cast & Crew
Product description : Cinehub was conceived specifically for dynamic project oriented business’s that required a non-standard technology solutions for consolidating diverse sources of communication, information management and reporting practices. The resulting software platform, user interface and the associated service created by Cinehub (The Virtual Production Office) has captured the essence of how transient teams assemble, work and communicate.

Company name :  Mindstar productions
Product description : Many people have discovered the power of the  Cinergy Motion Picture Production System, and successfully incorporated this product into their daily work.   But in case you’ve heard the name and aren’t quite sure how it fits into your particular situation, this article should help bring the big picture into better focus.

Company name :  Entertainment Partners
Product description : Managing the massive amounts of documentation generated throughout the production process can be challenging and frustrating. The EP Virtual Production Office offers a highly secure, customizable, online solution that delivers a host of valuable production management tools to entertainment professionals. VPO users can streamline their workflow to archive, deliver, and update key production documents — deal memos, travel authorizations, staff and crew information, script updates, payroll edits and petty cash card transactions, and much more — any time, from anywhere. Carefully controlled access ensures that users view only the information they are authorized to see. EP Payroll clients enjoy the added benefit of performing payroll edits directly via VPO.

Facility Management Software  (Farmers Wife)
Company name :  Farmers Wife
Product description : Farmers WIFE is a powerful and cost saving scheduling and facility management solution for the post production, broadcast, film and media industries. Farmers WIFE offers unrivalled ease of use for the management of day-to-day operations such as booking and project management, contact administration, time reporting, quotation and invoice generation, stock management and tape library/media administration.

Filmport VPO
Company name :  Mindstar productions
Product description : Filmport’s vision is to collaborate with the leaders of the Film & Television Industry to pioneer a wireless production management solution called the Virtual Production Office (VPO). With Filmport, all members of a production team can collaborate and access up-to-the-minute information in a secure and easy-to-use networked environment. Access the VPO from a variety of tools — including wireless PocketPC and Palm devices, cell phones, and any Web browser — anywhere in the world.

Company name :  Industrial Mind
Product description : This software runs on any Windows platform making use of an MS-SQL database. It has been developed to allow rapid and simultaneous access to a vast database containing hundreds of projects.

Company name :  Jungle Software
Product description : Producing a movie doesn’t have to be difficult. With Gorilla, all of your information can be stored in one place: Budgeting, Scheduling, Crew, Cast, Profit-sharing, Editing Notes, and even Film Festival Submissions. When it’s time to create reports, Gorilla can generate over 80 industry-standard reports, from stripboards to breakdown sheets, budget top sheets to variances, your entire production can be run from one program. View a complete list of Gorilla’s reports.

Company name :  Deskspace Limited
Product description : We design, build and supply quick and easy to use Data Integration / ERP systems incorporating time and activity recording, contact management, billing, client management, accounting and workflow software systems. Our software provides the ability to work intuitively, efficiently and quickly in a sophisticated integrated information environment. We believe that efficient software based information systems are essential for organisations and our mission is to fulfil that need. We empower our users to work more effectively using professional information systems, to enable more effective management of teams and departments.

Company name :  Scheduall Enterprise Resources Management
Product description : As business needs evolve and time to market shrinks, production and post-production companies require solutions that streamline their business process and provide greater financial visibility within their operation.

Studio Suite
Company name :  Studio Suite
Product description :  Studio Suite® is the world’s leading Studio Management Software, specially designed for: Recording, Video Production / Post-Production TV, Film, DVD, Radio, Graphics, Web Design, Games, Duplication, Mastering, and more.

Company name :  Xytech Systems’ software
Product description :  ytech Systems’ software solutions all consist of a core workflow foundation that can be expanded by adding optional modules and features based on specific operational requirements. As part of the implementation process, system applications can be completely configured and customized to an organization’s media business workflow. As an organization evolves and expands, it can take advantage of other modules and functionality, thereby further leveraging the software solution while protecting its technology investment.

Business process & Collaboration tools (Workflow, ERP, BAM, CRM)

Talk Production Management
Company name : Talk Management System inc.
Product description : A web-based collaboration management & business networking system for feature film and television productions, from the script breakdown to file distribution.

Distribution & publishing softwares

File delivery via Internet (general)

Company name : Actavec software
Product description : adbeast provides secure, digital asset management-based online workspaces and collaboration networks dedicated to the needs of the advertising and marketing communications industry. Made available on a software as a service (SaaS) basis, adbeast allows users to better manage and coordinate the development and approval of advertising and marketing materials. adbeast provides significant benefits in terms of workflow, cost and timesaving, not to mention savings in human resources, administration, technology and software infrastructure.

Beam TV
Company name :  The Mill
Product description : We are in the middle of a revolution. One in which consumers are increasingly familiar and comfortable with multiplatform media. And in which brands and their marketing partners are increasingly able to create, distribute and exploit digital media content globally. As the leading digital global distribution network, BEAM.TV is at the forefront of that revolution. We can take almost any kind of advertising, promotional and marketing material, in any format, and allow it to be stored, shared, adapted and delivered, anywhere in the world. Quickly and cost-effectively. We can distribute materials in any format and to any media – including TV Stations, retail and public environments, web channels, phones, and iPods.

Spot Central & HD Now
Company name :  DG Systems
Product description : Managing a wide range of media assets distributed to hundreds thousands of outlets across the country is complex enough. Tracking down an ad you sent to a TV station, radio station, newspaper, or Web site six months ago can be almost impossible – an hour-long hunt when you have only minutes to spare. With SpotCentral, order management and distribution go from headache to hassle-free.

Company name :  Pando networks
Product description : The Pando Content Delivery Suite is a set of software and services needed to publish, distribute, track and monetize Pando-enabled content on your site. Pando-enabling your content unleashes the unused collective bandwidth of your audience to offload bandwidth demand from your central CDN servers, thus cutting your bandwidth bill and boosting your media monetization margins. The more viewers you have, the larger, better performing and more cost efficient your distributed content delivery network becomes. The Pando Content Delivery Suite functions as a transparent front-end to your existing CDN, without any configuration or additional hardware required.

Sling Spot
Company name :  Mijo
Product description :, the best way to distribute and traffic broadcast audio spots! We focus on one thing – moving spots and traffic around reliably and cost-effectively. Many years of broadcasting, production and traffic experience went into the planning and design of this site, and we’re glad to have you here!

Company name :  Ascent Media
Product description : Provides collaboration tools for live-presentation and archived media, metadata, and realtime, through a fully managed system.

Company name :  Ascent Media
Product description : WEBCARGO lets you send large files via email, without the need to reduce files to attachment size. High-resolution scans, graphics, illustrations, powerpoints, storyboards, broadcast audio and video — send your work without compromise and we’ll even let you know when your files are received. And unlike other services, we never place banner ads on our site.

File delivery via Internet (festival)

Short Film Depot
Company name : Short Film Depot
Product description : Enter your films free of charge into the major festivals around the world using one single form.

Without a box
Company name : IMDB, a division of|Amazon Company
Product description : Withoutabox offers filmmakers unprecedented access to major channels for promoting and distributing their work, including: Screening at international Film Festivals, streaming on the Internet via IMDb Theaters, and selling DVDs and Video On Demand downloads on and other channels, via CreateSpace.

Reel port
Company name : Reel port
Product description : Discover the world of digital film! Try the films of our online catalogue for Digital Cinema, Video on Demand, IP-TV, Mobile, etc. Reelport offers online previews in DVD quality for buyers, rights clearance, as well as encoding and encryption services that prepare films for all digital environments.

Social & business networking for M&E

Talk Professional Network
Company name :  Talk Management System inc.
Product description : A web-based collaboration management & business networking system for feature film and television productions, from the script breakdown to file distribution.

The Inspiration Room
Company name :  The Inspiration Room
Product description :  The Mission: “Mapping inspiration for creative minds Worldwide.” TIR currently represents inspirational artists from around the world. Our global community spans every continent, and includes work from: USA, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Phillipines, Ireland and Italy.

Company name :   The New York Times
Product description :  Baseline StudioSystems is the world’s preeminent premier provider of film and television information. Baseline’s flagship product is The Studio System, a subscription database of premium film and television information. Combining real-time information updates with a sophisticated user interface, The Studio System is the industry’s most powerful and reliable informational tool. Baseline StudioSystems is a part of The New York Times Company.


Company name :  Full Spectrum Digital LLC
Product description :  CG Hub is an online community where computer graphics artists share their latest work, tips, and tools, network with friends, search jobs, and more.

Smooth Devil
Company name :  HD² Media
Product description : The smoothdevil rating (sd rating) is a formula created by one of our boffins that rates your smoothdevil profiles based on profile completeness and site participation. Generally you will list higher if you have an avatar, images uploaded, roles selected, some text about yourself and just by using the site on a regular basis! In no way does smoothdevil rating make a judgement on the quality of your work.

VFX Connection
Company name :
Product description : The smoothdevil rating (sd rating) is a formula created by one of our boffins that rates your smoothdevil profiles based on profile completeness and site participation. Generally you will list higher if you have an avatar, images uploaded, roles selected, some text about yourself and just by using the site on a regular basis! In no way does smoothdevil rating make a judgement on the quality of your work.

Production Base
Company name :  Production Base
Product description : Join the industry’s online network for TV, film and commercial production.

Reel Exchange
Company name :  Millimeter & Digital Content Producer
Product description : Launched April 2007, Reel-Exchange is a professional networking website connecting film and video professionals with clients and collaborators in the industry.

Proprietary internal project management systems

Company name : BUF Company

Company name :  CineVision
Product description : inevision’s proprietary database & online shot approval system allows the vfx supervisor, producer, director and/or film editor to instantly access the progress of their visual effects shots. With our in-house database tool, we put everyone on the same page from the pre-production stages, budgeting, pre-vis, on-site supervision, post-production through to final delivery.

Company name :  n/a

In Store
Company name :  In Extenso

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